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Welcome to Florist Window, developed by a team of web specialists that have been working online independently since 1998.

Promoting The Local Florist

Our ethos is to help local florists build their businesses.  We believe the best way to do this is to charge a small fixed monthly fee, with no % commission charges.  We are continually adding new features to our software to help you increase your profits.  You automatically receive these enhancements free of charge so you can be sure that your business won't get left behind in the fast moving world of ecommerce.

We are not exclusive to any one florist, we work for florists for the greater good of local florists.  We do not discriminate against which real local florists we work for no matter how large or how small, working together we can keep local florists on the traditional and digital high street forever.

If you are not part of a relay and don't have any photos of your flowers, then we will provide you with a range of flowers to sell on your website free of charge.

With Florist Window you can send national orders to other florists and we charge 0% commission.  100% of the money stays with local florists.

We designed The British Florist Assocations website in May 2013  and we continue to provide ongoing support.  www.bfaflorist.org

Easy Set Up

We make your website set up easy for you.

  • We create a bespoke design for you so that your website looks like yours and not like everybody else's (we don't use templates)
  • We add products to your ecommerce website free of charge
  • We add your website content
  • Your website will be fully Search Engine Optimised
  • We will move your domain to point at your Florist Window website
  • We take care of website hosting for you
  • We will set up your payment gateway and assist you in setting up an internet merchant account
  • We will train you how to process your orders and update your website

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation helps Google, Bing or Yahoo understand who you are, what you do and where you do it.  When a potential customer searches for something using a search engine SEO ensures you stand a better chance of being found online.  The way in which your website is built, visible content and SEO is key to the success of your website, and is a big complicated subject - and we love it!  In a nutshell, we have years of experience, and we know what works well for florists.  Florist Window was designed from the ground up with SEO for florists in mind.  If you want to know more please call us, we can talk about it for hours!

We can not promise top 10 listings on search engines (nobody can), however our websites are designed from the ground up with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, and we generally achieve excellent listings on search engines.

Bespoke Design

We treat each client individually, we listen and take on board your ideas before we develop your solution branded to your company.  Each website we develop is unique, so you retain your individual brand identity.

Many website designers will use a standard template then insert your logo in the top left corner.  This often leads to very unsatisfactory results.  We do not use templates, each design is bespoke and based on your requests and ideas.  This means more work for us, but a better website for you.  Take a look at our customer's sites.

Advanced Features

Florist Window is designed just for florists, and has many features built into it that are specific to florist's needs.  For example, our shopping cart allows your customers to order flowers to be delivered to multiple destinations, all within one order.  Our record is 5 deliveries within one order!

  • Smartphone enabled website, take advantage of the growing move to mobile ecommerce.  Click here for more on Smartphone.
  • Send your national orders to other florists via Florist Window
  • Multiple delivery addresses in one order
  • 'Intelligent' delivery calendar knows when you are able to deliver.  You can close for the day with a couple of clicks
  • Automatic annual reminders emailed to your customers to remind them of birthdays/anniversaryies etc.
  • Secure admin system that allows you to change your websites contents and products.
  • Our 'Smart Images' function makes adding photos of your flowers easy.  It resizes your photo and automatically creates close ups
  • Automatically build a customer database, and easily email them newsletters and details of promotions
  • Add a blog to your website to keep it fresh and current
  • Change your website's 'window display' to the current season with a single click
  • Add photos to your wedding gallery showcasing your fabulous work
  • Create promotional campaigns and use voucher codes to offer your customers discounts
  • We use Google Translate so that your website is automatically translated in to your customers home language
  • Interfaces with Strelitzia order management software
  • Integrate with Google analytics so you can monitor your website's site visitors
  • Add your shop orders to your site so you can email customers delivery emails, setup reminders and add them to your customer mailing list
  • Sale reports, by month, day year to compare your sites sales year on year month on month

No Pictures Of Your Flowers?  No problem.

We can provide you with a complete range of flowers to sell on your website - for free.  We will add all of the products to your website for you, you are then free to change the prices and descriptions in any way you want to, remove products and add your own to the range.

Choose from 6 ranges - free of charge to our clients: (we use Google images to keep track of any website using our images so if you are not a client do not use any of our product images)

Receiving Payments

All payments that you receive from your website, and from national orders, go via a payment gateway to your bank account.  Florist Window does not hold on to any funds.

To handle card payments your business must be PCI DSS compliant. To be PCI DSS compliant you must have an Internet Merchant Account (IMA) and a payment gateway.

Worldpay, Sagepay and Total Web Solutions are our preferred payment gateway providers. We take care of everything for you, we customise and brand your shops payment pages to look just like your website with whichever payment gateway provider you decide to use. 

Click here to find out more about online payments.

An Internet Merchant Account (IMA) is a merchant account specifically for use for Internet transactions. You can get your IMA direct from your bank or we can arrange this for you through one of our providers.

To keep your customer's data safe we use a SSL certificate to encrypt communication between your customer's browser and our server.  We use Symantec to provide this service.

National Orders - Send Orders Florist to Florist

You can use Florist Window to send your national orders to other florists within the Florist Window network.  Our software makes this quick and easy, and best of all 100% of the money stays with florists.  We charge no commission fee (or any other fee) for this service.  Essentially the florist sending the order takes a pre-arranged commission, and the designing and delivering florist gets the remainder.
* This service is optional, we're website developers first and foremost, our Internal Ordering System is not compulsory, it is 100% optional.

Click here to find out more about National Orders.

Fantastic Support

We are always on hand to help you and answer your questions.  We are very proud of the relationship we have with our clients, we do not just set up a website and then say goodbye.  We build a relationship with our clients, and help them to grow their businesses.

Click here to read our client testimonial page, they speak for themselves.

Website Management

Once your website is up and running we will then manage and support it to make sure it looks fresh and stays up to date.

For members of eFlorist and Interflora we will automatically update your website with the latest seasonal ranges, and update your website when new core ranges are released.  We do not charge any extra for this service and if you would like to do it yourself you can opt-out.

Local Florists

Looking for a florist, simple search www.localflorists.co.uk.

We Are Florists

Visit www.WeAreFlorists.com

We Are Florists was established by Florist Window so that you can buy flowers directly from a community of trusted real local florists.

We Are Florists is Different because you pay the florist direct, so you know that 100% of your money goes to the florist who will prepare and deliver your flowers.  Many websites involve a middle man, who will often take a sizeable cut, before passing your order on.  Other website will charge a service fee on top of your order value.  With We Are Florists you know that 100% of your money goes direct to the florist.

We are supporting the local florist, many of them on the high street.  In a world of globalisation and international corporations we believe that the best way for flowers to be prepared and delivered is by a passionate local florist.  Unlike some websites, all flowers ordered via the We Are Florists website are hand delivered by the florist.  We don't believe that flowers should be flat packed to fit through a letter box.

Florist Window We Work Independently for Florists and Only Florists

  • We develop florist websites that sell flowers & gifts direct to consumers
  • We provide an optional service included in our monthly software rental fee that gives our clients the option to send national orders direct to another Florist Window client
  • We created and launched a national website in June 2017 called www.weareflorists.com to give our florist clients their own national websites in the hope one day Google may rank the site amoungst the big boys so our clients get more sales and consumers find another way of ordering flowers direct from a real local florist. Our clients have the option to opt in or out of this site, it is optional.
  • We're independent, our clients are independent and every service we provide we do so to help our clients get the most out of the world wide web.


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