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You can use Florist Window to send your national orders to other florists within the Florist Window network.  Our software makes this quick and easy, and best of all 100% of the money stays with florists.  We charge no commission fee (or any other fee) for this service.  Essentially the florist sending the order takes a pre-arranged commission, and the executing florist gets the remainder.

National Orders is a great example of our commitment to support local florists and help them grow their businesses without the need to connect with a relay.  National Orders is a free of charge service, and we charge zero commission on transactions.  Our philosophy is that if we keep adding more great features to Florist Window then more florists will join us. After many hours work and lots of testing National orders launched on November 28th 2013.

We often had clients contacting us to find out if we have a client in an area they have a national delivery for.  It soon became clear that they wanted to be able to link up with each other without having to pay a service fee or any kind of percentage to a middle man. We have invested time coding our software so that clients can now send orders to one another simply by using their own website, it really is that simple!

To send an order to another florist you log in to your website Admin system, click on 'Send Order', enter the delivery postcode, click on the delivery date, then click search.  Our software will then show you the florists available to deliver to that address, you then purchase the flowers you require.  The pages look very much like any online shop, so are quick and easy to use.  The software calculates your commission, and how much you need to pay the executing florist.

100% of the money is kept by you, the local florist.

This feature is optional, and can be switched off if not required.

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