Payment Gateways

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is used to take card payments online.  In your shop you might use a PDQ terminal to take card payments, your website needs a payment gateway.  The payment gateway checks the customer’s card details, and passes the funds through to your bank account.

Choosing a Payment Gateway

We will help you get your payment gateway set up and connected to your website.  If you already have an ecommerce website that uses a payment gateway, then we can probably re-use that.  If not then we can advise you on the most suitable payment gateway for your business.

Payment gateways all do a very similar thing, so price is a big factor in choosing which gateway is best for your business.  With our recommended gateways the funds will be in your bank account typically within 2/3 days.

Payment Gateway - Pay As You Go (option 1)

Free setup, no fixed monthly charges, 1.7% processing fee and 10p per transaction (£100 sale will cost you £1.80p processing fee)

If you are a smaller business, or just starting out with ecommerce then we would recommend this payment gateway option, you pay a little bit more for each sale transaction processed online but there are no fixed monthly or setup fees involved.

Payment Gateway - Pay Monthly (option 2)

from £12 + VAT per month, includes 350 transactions each month, 10p thereafter

If you are a more established business then paying a fixed monthly and setup fee would be be the best way forward, you will pay lower processing fees on your online sales compared to the pay as you go option.

0.77% Debit
1.25% Credit
2.48% Premium (Business)
£0.03p Auth fee per transaction
£5 minimum monthly if processing fees in any one month do not amount to £5 (this is not likely)
No Setup Fee
£4.99 pm PCI compliance
* Including Gateway fee and PCI Compliance fee this product is £16.99 per month + processing fees per transaction

PayPal (optional)

Your Florist Window website can also accept payments via PayPal.  We would normally suggest that you use PayPal in addition to one of the payment gateways above.  Many customers think that they need a PayPal account to be able to use PayPal, and if they do not have one, and your website only accepts PayPal, then you may lose business.

On the plus side many customers love using PayPal and we have found it to be a very popular option.  Having PayPal in addition to a payment gateway is the ideal scenario, and will help you achieve the maximum sales from your website.  The costs for PayPal are:

PayPal No setup fee, no monthly fee, 3.4% on purchases + £0.20 GBP per transaction

Setting up a Payment Gateway

We will guide you through the process of applying for a payment gateway,  we customise and brand your payment gateway to look just like your website with whichever payment gateway provider you decide to use.

What is an Internet Merchant Account (IMA)

Your payment gateway is linked to an Internet Merchant Account or IMA for short.  When a card payment is processed the funds go from your payment gateway in to the IMA.  They are then automatically transferred from there to your bank account.

Some payment gateways required that you set up an IMA as well as a payment gateway.  With other payment gateway an IMA is ‘bundled in’, so there is no need to apply for one separately.  Again we will advise you which is best for your business.

Our prices quoted above include the cost of the IMA.

What Is 3-D secure?

3-D Secure is the protocol used for Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Transactions.  It adds an extra layer of security to your online transactions.  To take Maestro payments over the Internet it is now mandatory that you use MasterCard SecureCode, however for all other card types it is optional.

What Is PCI DSS Compliance?

To handle card payments your business must be PCI DSS compliant.  This applies to card payments taken within your shop, as well as payments taken via your website.  If you use Florist Window with one of our approved Payment Gateways then your website will be fully PCI DSS compliant

Compliance is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. It helps prevent security breaches and theft of payment card data, not just today, but in the future.  You will probably be asked by your Bank to fill out a form which they use to assess if your business is compliant or not.

Click here to find out more about PCI DSS compliance for your business.

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