Smartphone Websites

Florist Window clients can tap into this growing audience with a Smartphone enabled website as an optional add-on.

Ofcom says The UK is now a Smartphone society!

  • Smartphones overtake laptops as UK internet users’ number one device
  • We’re spending two hours online on our smartphones every day; twice as long as laptops and PCs
  • Superfast 4G is helping change the way we shop, bank, watch TV and communicate

With a smartphone enabled website your main website (or desktop website) remains unchanged.  It is designed to be used on a large screen like a desktop PC, laptop, or iPad.  If you view a website designed for a large screen on a small screen such as a smartphone, it is far from ideal.

Below is an example of the same smartphone enabled website, the left column shows how the website appears on a PC, the right column how it appears on a smartphone.

£100 + VAT Setup
£20 + VAT per month rental
* Smartphone enabling your website is an optional service

Desktop View

Smartphone View


With a smartphone enabled website, when your website is viewed from a smartphone a different layout is displayed.  This layout is optimised to work best on a smartphone.   So for example buttons are bigger and text is easier to read.  Images are made smaller, because with a potentially slow mobile internet connection a large image could take a long time to load.

Also with a smartphone enabled website the checkout process is streamlined and simplified.  Features such as postcode lookup means that your customer only has to enter the delivery postcode not the full address (which can be an ordeal on a smartphone).

Every single one of your website's pages is available via the smartphone website - so it is not a simplified, or cut down version of your website (as some providers supply), it is your complete website, but optimised and streamlined to improve your customer's experience, and hence boost your sales.

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