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Visit the website for florists by florists www.weareflorists.com - taking you direct to the high street for the first time in flowers without any middle man eating the cake!

We Are Florists was established so that you can buy flowers directly from a community of trusted local florists.

We Are Florists is different because you pay the florist direct, so you know that 100% of your money goes to the florist who will prepare and deliver your flowers.  Many websites involve a middle man, who will often take a sizeable cut, before relaying your order on.  Other website will charge a service fee on top of your order value.  With We Are Florists you know that 100% of your money goes direct to the florist.

We are supporting the local florist, many of them on the high street.  In a world of globalisation and international corporations we believe that the best way for flowers to be prepared and delivered is by a passionate local florist.  Unlike some websites, all flowers ordered through www.weareflorists.com will be hand delivered by the florist.  We don't believe that flowers should be flat packed to fit through a letter box.


Your flowers will be hand delivered by a real local florist who are a Florist Window client, we develop their online ecommerce website.  We do not send flowers through the post, or deliver them via a generic courier service.

We Are Florists offers same day delivery on all orders received before 11am GMT, Monday to Saturday, throughout the UK.

When you place your order you will receive a confirmation email from the florist, you will also recieve an email after your order has been delivered.

It is important to remeber that your order has been sent direct to the local florist shown on your order confirmation email, and that if you have any issues or questions regarding your order then please contact the florist direct.  All florists have a website including their full contact details, and there is a link to this on your order confirmation.

We can't promise a specific delivery time, but we will do our best to follow your delivery instructions.

Due to the seasonal nature of our business we reserve the right to substitute any items illustrated on this site, although we always try to create an arrangement similar to the arrangement you have chosen. Any preferences you may have regarding materials or colours to be included or excluded should be stated on placing your order and we will try to accommodate you wherever possible.

We Are Florists .com national website is optional, our ecommerce clients opt in to be part of the website, the first ever national website for florists doing direct.

If you are a Florist and you want to be on weareflorists.com click here to find out about our florist website design service, if we develop your online ecomerce site you can be part of We Are Florists.

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